Basement waterproofing and crawl space repair in NC Basement waterproofing and crawl space repair in NC Regional Waterproofing Wins Award at the 2012 Basement Systems Dealer Convention <p><img style="float: right; margin: 10px;" src="" alt="" width="250" height="373" />Regional Waterproofing was recently honored at a meeting with close to 1,000 guests from all over the United States, Canada and the UK, at this year&rsquo;s Team Basement Systems Convention. <br /><br />The annual convention is held each year between Seymour, CT, (Basement Systems headquarters) and Hartford, CT, and brings together dealerships of the international network for training, seminars, networking, celebration, vendor and team building events. <br /><br />This year Regional Waterproofing received an award at the Team Basement Systems International Convention.&nbsp; Regional Waterproofing was awarded the 20 Year Dealer Award. <br /><br />The high-powered event featured international motivational speaker Andy Andrews!&nbsp; Andrews, world-renowned speaker and author (The Travelers Gift) dazzled the crowd with his presentation highlighting personal choices and attitudes that make the difference between failure and success. <br /><br />Google even had a presence at this spectacular event! Two Google representatives delivered a behind the scenes peek at how to best utilize the search engines tools for successful business results. This year, the annual flagship event was the BEST yet! <br /><br /><a href="">Regional Waterproofing</a> is a certified Basement Systems dealer specializing in basement waterproofing, crawl space repair and foundation settlement. &nbsp;<br />&nbsp;<br />Basement Systems is an international network of basement waterproofing, crawl space repair and basement finishing contractors, led by Company Founder and President, Larry Janesky.&nbsp; The international headquarters, based in Seymour, CT has been helping homeowners increase their usable living space for over 20 years across the United States, Canada, Ireland and the United Kingdom. The company has 27-patented basement and crawl space products, designed to help homeowners get more out of their basements and increase their home's value.</p> Fri, October 19 2012, 16:02:30 -500 Negative Effects of a Moist Basement Are the visits to your basement far and few between? Do you avoid going to your basement? Are you constantly questioning yourself about moisture in your basement? Are you concerned with mold in your basement? Are you concerned it could affect your home, or even worse, have a serious affect on you and your family’s health?<br /><br />Most homeowners see their basements as a place to avoid, so they never go down there unless it’s absolutely necessary. Most think they can avoid encountering the harsh conditions by simply not passing through their basement or crawl space, but the air travels. Overtime, these conditions can take a serious toll on you and your health, as well as decrease the life span on your home. <br /><br /><img height="131" width="300" alt="" style="float: right; margin: 5px; width: 300px; height: 131px;" src="" />A basement or crawl space that constantly contends with damp, wet, moist conditions can have many negative effects on your home, robbing it of its comfort and value. It can also cause mild to serious health conditions to adults and children who suffer from allergies, breathing difficulties or asthma. <br /><br />If you care about your family and your home then you must care about your basement or crawlspace. It is vital to maintaining a healthy home. Sure a basement can be ignored, but only for so long. Unfortunately, in time, you just might see your basement in your upper levels. Keep reading, you’ll understand. <br /><br style="font-weight: bold;" /><span style="font-weight: bold;">The Effects of Moisture Problems</span><br /><br />When moisture becomes excessive in your basement, you just might not take it too seriously at first. Unfortunately, moisture can be quite detrimental to a healthy home environment. <br /><br />Moisture is actually the source of many issues such as mold, mildew, rot, and deterioration. All too often homeowners purchase organic furnishings and have a basement that isn’t properly waterproofed. Such a combination makes way for the creation of mold and mildew and much, much more. Let’s take a look. <br /><br /><img height="191" width="250" alt="" style="float: left; margin: 5px; width: 250px; height: 191px;" src="" />* Dust mites and other allergens feed on moisture and contaminate your home. They increase respiratory issues and allergic sensitivities.<br />* Doors and windows swell and are hard to open and close.<br />* Bad smells and odors tend to spread throughout your home. These smells actually result from mold buildup and unresolved water damages. <br />* Mold and mildew can begin to grow and deteriorate organic material all throughout your home. Mold destroys whatever has helped it to grow, such as wood, paper, and carpet.<br />* Condensation and frost can occur on windows increasing humidity and making for additional mold problems.<br /><br style="font-weight: bold;" /><span style="font-weight: bold;">There is a Solution to This Problem</span><br /><br />What you need is a good dehumidification system. There are several dehumidification systems on the market today; however, most are incapable of producing the desired results. Size is important from the cool coil to the fan, dehumidification systems must be the appropriate size to be effective in a basement. In general, you can solve your basement’s moisture issues with an effective dehumidifier. <br /><br />Take some measurements, write down your questions and ask an expert about the best system to meet your needs. <br /><br /><span style="font-weight: bold;">Dehumidifiers Go Green</span><br /><br />Once you’ve spoken to an expert you’ll probably learn about the top of the bar dehumidifiers, you know, the ones that can do it all. If you’re looking for such a system, make sure it can conserve energy! It may take a lot of energy to remove the moisture and pollutants from the air, but it’s well worth the struggle. That’s why engineers have gone through the trouble to design systems that remove 100 pints of moisture using the same amount of energy a similar system will use to remove 40 pints of moisture. That’s awesome!<br /><br />In particular, one of the leading dehumidifier systems is the SaniDry™. This is a very powerful system that is ENERGY STAR approved, can dry an entire basement without being moved around, and drains the moisture instead of just filling a bin with water!<br /><br />Contact Regional Waterproofing, Inc. today for a free estimate for <a href="">basement waterproofing in Raleigh, NC</a> and all local areas.<br /> Mon, April 4 2011, 00:00:00 -500 Who Knew Getting A Dry Basement Would Be So Easy? A dry basement could quite possibly be a homeowner’s most prized possession. In the same way, a wet basement can wreak havoc on a homeowner’s home.<br />Humidity, flooding, and dampness are all signs that your basement isn’t exactly an asset as much as it is a risk to your home’s value and your health.&nbsp; <br /><br />These wet conditions can be perfect to grow mold and mildew. Black mold can be very dangerous and cause severe health issues in children and adults, especially those who already have asthma, respiratory or breathing difficulties. This mold has also been known to cause red, irritable topical allergic reactions. <br /><br />Black mold silently and slowly attacks your home, eating away at its surface and attacking both wooden and concrete fixtures. In the end, <img height="359" width="300" alt="" style="float: right; margin: 5px; width: 300px; height: 359px;" src="" />you’ll have decaying wood and structural weakening, putting you and your home in jeopardy. <br /><br />Here are a few things to consider when transforming a wet basement into a dry basement:<br /><br /><span style="font-weight: bold;">How Rain Gutters Influence Your Basement</span><br /><br />Your home’s rain gutters play a very important role in achieving a dry basement. Although rain gutters don’t always work properly, sometimes leading water to spill over, they’re used to prevent rain from falling directly onto your home’s concrete foundation. <br /><br />Rain should be kept away from gathering on or around your foundation because over time it can seep through the concrete foundation of your home and create serious, ongoing issues. <br />Make sure you not only have a rain gutter system, but that you have a proper drain pipe set up and that the system is cleaned regularly.<br /><br style="font-weight: bold;" /><span style="font-weight: bold;">How a Slanted Landscape Works For Your Benefit</span><br /><br />Creating a slope in the ground around the foundation of your home is another way to stack the cards in your favor. A sloped angle is a small and simple task, and naturally directs water away from your foundation—thus protecting your home from water damage.<br /><br style="font-weight: bold;" /><span style="font-weight: bold;">Weatherproof Windows and Doors</span><br /><br />Want a dry basement? Weatherproof the windows and doors. Through simply purchasing a tube of caulking you can have this project ready to go. This procedure should be done twice a year to reinforce both the windows and doors. However, make sure you choose the most secure sealants on the market to protect your home. <br /><br style="font-weight: bold;" /><span style="font-weight: bold;">Maintain Outdoor Spigots</span><br /><br />If your home has an outdoor spigot, check it regularly for drips and leaks. With little effort, a drippy, leaky spigot can create a concrete-eroding puddle. You’ll never achieve the benefits of a dry basement if you can’t control small leaks or drips. <br /><br />In the event you discover a leak, contact a professional plumber; it’s less expensive to have a leak repaired than it is to repair your foundation. Moisture in a basement can come from a large variety of sources, but a leaky spigot is relatively easy to spot and fix.<br /><br /><span style="font-weight: bold;">The French Drain </span><br /><br />Consider installing a French drain around your home; this, too, will allow water to flow freely, away from your foundation. A French drain is a small ditch around the foundation of your home, covered with gravel that redirects ground water.<br /><br />These procedures must be done properly, so do-it-yourselfers it might be time to contact a basement waterproofing expert that can examine your basement, determine your specific needs and discuss your options. This professional will also recommend the best and most cost efficient way for you to achieve your dry basement.<br /><br />Contact Regional Waterproofing, Inc. today for a free estimate for <a href="">basement waterproofing in Raleigh, NC</a> and all local areas.<br /> Thu, March 3 2011, 00:00:00 -500 Springtime Home Shows <img alt="" style="float:right; margin:5px;" src="" />Regional Waterproofing is planning to attend several home shows this spring. Here's a list so you can come out and join us! We'd love to see you there.<br /><br />Home shows have become a wonderful way for us to network and connect with other businesses and clients. While at these home shows, we're learning new ways to better connect with clients and provide for your needs. <br /><br />It's also a place for homeowners to learn from contractors, get to know some local contractors, and receive some free samples and ideas. <br /><br /><span style="font-weight: bold;">ACS (American Consumer Shows)<br /></span>February 18 - 20, 2011 <br /><span style="font-style: italic;">Raleigh Convention Center</span><br /><br /><span style="font-weight: bold;">NC Licensed Home Inspector Association Convention</span><br />February 25 – 26, 2011<br /><span style="font-style: italic;">Hilton North Raleigh, NC</span><br /><br style="font-weight: bold;" /><span style="font-weight: bold;">Women's Empowerment 2011</span><br />March 19, 2011<br /><span style="font-style: italic;">RBC Center, Raleigh, NC</span><br /><br /><span style="font-weight: bold;">Southern Ideal Home Show</span><br />April 1 – 3, 2011<br /><span style="font-style: italic;">NC State Fairground</span><br /> Mon, February 14 2011, 00:00:00 -500 Wet Basement Repair: Why it floods, and how to fix it <h1>Basement Repair</h1> <p>Any good <strong>basement waterproofer</strong> knows that wet basements come in all shapes and sizes, and no two basement repair jobs are exactly the same.</p> <p>Fortunately, nearly all <strong>basement waterproofing repairs</strong> can be accomplished by a professional in a single day, or sometimes two.&Acirc;&nbsp;</p> <p>Regional Waterproofing of North Carolina is your local source for professional basement waterproofing contractors in the area.&Acirc;&nbsp; We service <em>Asheboro, Burlington, Havelock, Jacksonville, Raleigh, Rocky Mount, Sanford, </em> and all surrounding areas.&Acirc;&nbsp; For a <a href="">FREE wet basement repair quote</a>, call or contact us online today!</p> <h2>Flooding through the Basement Wall-Floor Joint</h2> <p><br />The most common way basement water leaks into a home is through the <strong>basement wall-floor joint</strong>.</p> <p>Stop the water right at the point where it's causing the problem- along the perimeter of the basement floor.&Acirc;&nbsp; Regional Waterproofing does this by removing a portion of the basement floor, creating a trench, and filling it with clean stone.&Acirc;&nbsp; On top of this stone, the patented WaterGuard system, an innovation on old-fashioned French drains and Drain tile, is laid.&Acirc;&nbsp; The floor is restored flush and an extending wall flange creates a built-in 3/8" wall drain to receive water from the basement walls.</p> <p>The drain leads the basement water to a sump pump system, which will then discharge it outside through a buried PVC pipe and away from your home.</p> <h3>Leaking Basement Floors</h3> <p><br />If there is <strong>leaking from a crack in the basement floor</strong>, a drainage system and a sump pump is still the answer.</p> <p>A lateral line can be installed along the crack, collecting the water and directing it to your sump pump system. A full perimeter system will be able to prevent most water from entering through the cracks in the first place- your waterproofer may not recommend a lateral line for smaller cracks in the floor for this reason.</p> <h3>Basement Water from Exterior Doors</h3> <p><br />A perimeter drainage system can also address <strong>water leaking in through basement hatchway doors</strong>.</p> <p>This is a common issue with homes, especially if water is pooling outside of the hatchway doors, and the hatchway doors are not waterproof.</p> <p>If water leaks in through the hatchway stairs, it will reach a grated drain that extends along the opening and be carried away to the sump pump.</p> <p>This is also popular just inside garage doors, where water floods in from outside.</p> <h3>Leaking Basement Windows</h3> <p><br />If you have a window from which water has leaked in, a drain called WellDuct should be installed that will capture the water as it pools below the basement window and directing it into the perimeter drain.&Acirc;&nbsp; If <strong>replacing the basement windows</strong> is an option, you may be interested in new, energy-efficient basement windows as well.</p> <p>These can be combined with a <strong>covered basement window well</strong> that will deflect rain, water, and debris from the basement window opening, as well as cold winter wind.&Acirc;&nbsp; The SunHouse Basement Window Enclosure, recommended by Regional Waterproofing is also designed to reflect as much daylight as possible from the outside into your basement space.</p> <h2>Water from Basement Wall Cracks and Pipe Penetrations</h2> <p><br />The natural curing process of concrete can easily create cracks in even new home foundations.&Acirc;&nbsp; When holes are drilled in basement walls to allow access for pipes, wires, and cables, they often leave an opening large enough to allow water access.</p> <p>Regional Waterproofing solves the problem of <strong>leaking wall cracks </strong>and<strong> pipe penetrations</strong> by repairing the opening with the FlexiSpan system.&Acirc;&nbsp; First, the wall is prepared by scarifying and cleaning the area. Scarifying the wall ensures a fantastic bond between the sealant and the wall.</p> <p>The crack is then sealed with a special polyurethane sealant.&Acirc;&nbsp; This sealant can flex with the basement wall as it moves through wet/dry and freeze/thaw cycles, ensuring that your basement wall crack never leaks again.</p> <p>A secondary drainage strategy is applied on top of the first sealant and run down either into a drywell under the floor or into the perimeter drainage system.&Acirc;&nbsp; This secondary layer of protection is then covered over with another layer of our flexible sealant to give it a very clean and neat finished appearance. If a drywell beneath the floor was made, then the floor is restored flush.</p> <h2>Failing Water Heaters</h2> <p><strong><br />Water heaters</strong> can be expected to fail approximately every 7 years.&Acirc;&nbsp; When they do fail, the water often leaks directly on to the basement floor, sometimes in very large quantities.</p> <p>If your basement is finished or used to store items, this water can be a damaging threat.</p> <p>Regional Waterproofing recommends surrounding the water heater with FloodRing, which directs the water into the perimeter drainage system.</p> <p>This system is combined with a water alarm that sits on the floor within the ring and will sound off to let you know a leak is occurring.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <h2>Bursting Washing Machine Hoses</h2> <p><strong>Washing machine hoses</strong> are not designed to take the continuous 60-80 psi of pressure exerted against them at all times.</p> <p>If they burst, they can shoot out an incredible 650 gallons of water per hour!&Acirc;&nbsp;</p> <p>If you do not shut off your water each time you do the laundry, you're going to be glad that you've installed washing machine hoses that are triple-ply and carry a 20-year warranty!</p> <h2>Your Local Basement Contractors</h2> <p>When you decide that your <strong>basement water problem</strong> has to go, Regional Waterproofing is ready to help.&Acirc;&nbsp; Serving <em>Asheboro, Burlington, Havelock, Jacksonville, Raleigh, Rocky Mount, Sanford, </em> and the surrounding areas in North Carolina, we are the local contractors you need.&Acirc;&nbsp; For a <a href="">FREE basement waterproofing inspection &amp; written quote</a>, call or contact us online today! You'll also receive our 88-page book, "Dry Basement Science: What to Have Done...<em>and WHY</em>" or "Crawl Space Science: What to Have Done...<em>and WHY</em>" upon scheduling your free estimate.</p> Fri, November 12 2010, 00:00:00 -500