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The Regional Clean Crawl Space System Near Durham, Raleigh, Greenville

If your crawl space is a dank, rotting space, Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair is here to help. We can help you take control of your crawl space -- and convert it to a cleaner, healthier, more energy efficient space.

We'd like to meet with you to inspect your crawl space and come up with a practical solution to permanently repair it. We offer free, no-obligation free crawl space repair quotes to homeowners throughout our service area. To schedule your appointment, call or e-mail us today!

We proudly serve the North Carolina area, including Raleigh, Durham, Burlington, and nearby areas such as Asheboro, Cary, Chapel Hill, Greenville, Havelock, Jacksonville, Kinston, New Bern, and nearby.

Advantages To Our Crawl Space System:

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Vented crawl spaces all over the country are becoming moldy, rotting, pest-infested spaces, and because of this, building code is changing fast!

Contractors all over the world are now sealing crawl space vents and installing crawl space systems to hold back moisture and humidity.

However, not all crawl space systems are the same! Count on Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair to provide industry leading solutions for repairing your moldy, rotting crawl space.

Regional Clean Crawl Space System

The Regional Clean Crawl Space Systems is a tough, durable crawl space liner system that includes a radiant heat barrier for the walls and a 25-Year Manufacturer's Warranty. This liner includes an incredible 60-mil thick design that's tough enough for service members to walk on without ripping or tearing it, and tough enough for you to use the crawl space as storage.

The crawl space liner contains an antimicrobial agent that prevents mold growth, while its reflective surface keeps your home energy efficient. A properly installed liner will also operate as a passive radon mitigation system, while the tough liner deters termites, rodents, and other pests from invading your home.

If you'd like to learn more about the Regional Clean Crawl Space System, we can offer you a free, no-obligation crawl space repair quote. We'll answer all your questions about repairing and sealing your crawl space, and we can provide you with a written estimate. To schedule your quote, call or e-mail us today!

Improved Energy Efficiency

Vented crawl spaces let cold air into your home in the winter and hot, humid air into your home in the summer.

Cold air will affect your furnace, water heater, pipes, and air ducts, costing you a bundle in your heating bills. Warm, humid air promotes crawl space rot and will make your air condition systems work harder to dry and cool the air. By sealing the crawl space, you keep these "outside influences" out of your home.

Better Air Quality

Studies have shown that more than 50% of your air comes from your crawl space. As warm air rises, cool air from your crawl space is sucked into the living area of your home..

This, combined with other factors, means that much of the air your breathe comes from your below-grade area. By reducing moisture, radon gas emission, mold spores, and mildewy smells from your crawl space, the air you breathe in your home will be cleaner and healthier.

Prevents Mold, Rot, & Mildew

Scientific studies agree -- the key to mold control is moisture control. Mold produces allergens, irritants, and potentially toxic substances. Without moisture, it cannot grow in harmful amounts.

A dirt or stone crawl space is by far the top source of moisture in any home, letting in gallons of water daily in the form of water vapor. The Regional Clean Crawl Space System will eliminate this moisture, along with associated musty smells, mildew, and mold allergens.

Stops Dust Mites

Dust Mites are tiny microscopic animals that leave behind fecal matter and disintegrating body parts. These leavings are a powerful allergen when inhaled.

Like mold, dust mites must have moisture to survive. Your main weapon against dust mites is to eliminate high humidity levels in your home. The Regional Clean Crawl Space System will permanently seal moisture out of the crawl space, which is the #1 source of moisture entry in the home.

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