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Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Hillsborough. Learn more about Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair's recent work requests in Hillsborough and nearby areas!

Learn more about Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair's recent work requests in Hillsborough, NC
Vicinity of Sweet Gum Drive in Hillsborough
Dampness in crawlspace, and floor is sagging at one end of the house. Stress cracks have appeared on the walls there.
Vicinity of E Hardscrabble Dr in Hillsborough
Have had home inspection and he found condensation in crawl space which has saturated insulation and may have damaged some floor joists
Vicinity of Arthur Minnis Rd in Hillsborough
Keeping crawl space dry and insulating floor
Vicinity of Thomas Ruffin St. in Hillsborough
We have a small amount of water in our basement, in an area previously caulked. Please get in touch for an estimate to fix.
Vicinity of Shorefront Ln in Hillsborough
Looking for a quote on encapsulating our crawl space.
Vicinity of Knob Hill Dr in Hillsborough
Crack in drywall, doors sticking, rattling floor
Vicinity of Bushmill Ct. in Hillsborough
I would like to know cost on mold remediation, encapsolation, and adding a dehuidifier and any other recomendations for our crawl space
Vicinity of Cedar Stone Way in Hillsborough
After the very heavy rain on Monday, water has leaked into our finished basement via an exterior wall. Can someone come take a look and give us a quote for the repair?
Vicinity of New Hope Springs Drive in Hillsborough
We have been in the house for 15 years. Had a moisture problem at one time. haven't had it looked at in several years. Thinking about selling the house and need to get it looked at again. Jerry Whortan
Vicinity of Lake Orange Rd in Hillsborough
Vicinity of Kennesaw Ct in Hillsborough
Would like an inspection of our crawl space and advice for humidity/moisture concerns.
Vicinity of Percussion Drive in Hillsborough
Need a vapor barrier installed
Vicinity of Joseph Rd in Hillsborough
Vicinity of Berwick Pl in Hillsborough
I need a quote for concrete lifting/repair in my garage.
Vicinity of Fargo Rd in Hillsborough
Floors are sagging some. I can see stress points in the ceiling and some cracking in drywall . House is built on a hill, so I believe that erosion and settling are causing problems.
Vicinity of Hardscrabble Drive in Hillsborough
Crawl space is currently uninsulated... we would also be interested in moisture reduction
Vicinity of Cates Ct in Hillsborough
Uneven floors, weird settling, mildew smell in house (especially closets)
Vicinity of Becketts Ridge in Hillsborough
Would like a vapor barrier in the crawl space .. approx. 1700sq ft
Vicinity of Cates Ct in Hillsborough
Interior walls separating from ceilings, flooring sagging in some areas
Vicinity of Oakview Court in Hillsborough
Moisture Barrier needs to be placed in the crawl space
Vicinity of Rams Way in Hillsborough
Crawl space moisture and mold.
Vicinity of Whitehorse Road in Hillsborough
The crawl space needs some joists replaced, insulation is sagging and needs to be re-secured, support of some joists need adjustment.
Vicinity of Hawthorne Drive in Hillsborough
We'd like a quote on how much it would be to seal our crawl space
Vicinity of Greentree Drive in Hillsborough
Have dampness and beginnings of mold in crawlspace. Have addressed a drainage problem that was probably a major contributor to the problem, so now looking into a wrap to prevent further damage, and maybe treating currently affected wood.
Vicinity of Thoroughbred Dr in Hillsborough
My crawl space is moist and I'm looking for solutions to fix.
Vicinity of Pleasant Green Road in Hillsborough
Hello, We are buying a home in Hillsborough and are in the process of doing our due diligence inspections. The Home Inspector did his inspection on Friday, August 30th and has concerns about moisture issues in the crawl space. We would like to have your company out- this week if possible- to give us a quote on the best way to remediate. I look forward to hearing from you! Tonya Bruno
Vicinity of Sweet Gum Dr in Hillsborough
I discovered a lot of moisture in my crawlspace this weekend and would like you to come out and evaluate it. I'm located in Hillsborough; do you service my area?
Vicinity of Carriage Trail in Hillsborough
I need a company that can provide these services for me on a regular basis as the need arises
Vicinity of Armfield Rd in Hillsborough
Have moisture problems and some structural rotted wood due to an improperly attached wood deck. I would like a complete moisture assessment and repair estimate.
Vicinity of Calvary Court in Hillsborough
My crawlspace is too damp. In the summer I get condensation down there.
Vicinity of Walnut Grove Church RD in Hillsborough
I'm going to be getting some repairs done in my crawl space. Damage was due to water and termite problems, and there is mold on that half of house.
Vicinity of in Hillsborough
I am interested in getting a quote to replace my current insulation in the crawlspace. It is currently starting to fall down.

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