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Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Holly Springs. Learn more about Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair's recent work requests in Holly Springs and nearby areas!

Learn more about Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair's recent work requests in Holly Springs, NC
Vicinity of Ash Court in Holly Springs
We have moisture in our crawl space. There is no standing water, just moisture. The house smells musty. This summer we so wood expand, so the doors did not close properly. Possible looking at doing an Encapsulation, as we already have one quote for that.
Vicinity of Gillean Ln in Holly Springs
Driveway sinking at entrance to garage
Vicinity of Trevor Ridge Dr in Holly Springs
I have a crack in my slab. Need an estimate for repair.
Vicinity of Caleb Knolls Dr in Holly Springs
After the heavy rains of hurricane Matthew, we saw standing water in the crawl space. We have vapor barrier, but I think it seeps in from the outside. I am interested in a quote to keep the crawl space dry.
Vicinity of Quarryrock Rd in Holly Springs
Holly Springs, Carrington Estate on Sunset Lake Rd.
Vicinity of Spence Plantation Lane in Holly Springs
Need 6 mil installed under home.
Vicinity of Scarborowood Drive in Holly Springs
Interested in crawl space encapsulation and possible dehumidifier setup.
Vicinity of Avent Pines Ln in Holly Springs
We have old termite damage that buyer/new home owner wants addressed. We are closing in 21 days.
Vicinity of Creekvista Dr in Holly Springs
I am interested in a quote for a closed crawl space.
Vicinity of Avent Meadows Lane in Holly Springs
Our front slab leading from our driveway to our front porch sunk a few inches. As a result, our front step on our porch is not level.
Vicinity of Olde Mckenzie Drive in Holly Springs
The sidewalk slab that abuts out front brick staircase has settled. When it rains water pools to nearly 2 inches deep. I am not sure if only one slab needs to be raised of two. Could you please contact me to come out and give me an estimate. Thank you.
Vicinity of Leafy Holly Dr in Holly Springs
Have efflorescence on interior block in crawl space along sand line.
Vicinity of Twin Lake Drive in Holly Springs
Crawl space moisture
Vicinity of Hollymont Drive in Holly Springs
Sunken sidewalk - concrete lift/level service
Vicinity of Arch Bay Court in Holly Springs
Would like a quote to encapsulate the crawl space under the house. Thank you.
Vicinity of Moonflower Court in Holly Springs
I am interested in getting a quote for a crawl space dehumidifier along with other recommendations.
Vicinity of Texanna Way in Holly Springs
We need a french drainage system istalled. Water is causing crack in foundation. Please call asap.
Vicinity of Danagher Court in Holly Springs
We have a large walk-in crawl space (approx. 1000 SF) that I would like to encapsulate and condition for storage. Ideally I'd like to have a concrete floor and dehumidifier down there. Thanks, Brad
Vicinity of Streamwood Drive in Holly Springs
We have a wet crawl space and need some help with the problem.
Vicinity of Birdsong Way in Holly Springs
1) Settling crack in upper foundation, cosmetic repair. 2) Wet crawlspace. Need tar, vapor barrier, redone insulation, possibly humidity/sump. Concerns about a closed/conditioned space are: radon, hiding termite movement, unable to put termite barrier down easily.
Vicinity of Hillspring Lane in Holly Springs
I would like a quote to level garage floor, driveway, and patio concrete slabs. Thanks Jeff
Vicinity of Sunset Fairways Dr. in Holly Springs
One area in sidewalk is uneven--need leveling.
Vicinity of Streamwood Dr in Holly Springs
Ground water in crawl space
Vicinity of Sunset Grove Drive in Holly Springs
Front porch sinking. Used mud jacking to fix 7 years ago. Sunken again and deteriorating fast. House is 10 years old.
Vicinity of Greenbreeze Lane in Holly Springs
12-yr old home purchase pending, in due diligence. Inspecting engineer reports below-grade crawlspace floor saturated showing surface water, especially around pilings. Need inspection, remediation plan, and estimate ASAP.
Vicinity of Birnamwood Court in Holly Springs
We are having condensation issues in our crawlspace.
Vicinity of White Cedar Run in Holly Springs
I would like to eplore having a dehumidifer installed in the crawl space of my home.
Vicinity of Meadowcrest Place in Holly Springs
Would like someone to inspect my crawlspace to see if there is a mold or mildew issue.
Vicinity of Round About Road in Holly Springs
We would like to have our crawl space sealed up with a dehumidifier set up that drains to the outside. Our house is 1200 square feet. We would like to save money on utility bills as well as eliminate some of the insect/pest issues we have been having in our house by sealing up our crawl space. Please contact me by email as this will be the easiest way to get a hold of me. Thank you.
Vicinity of Bass Lake Rd in Holly Springs
Moisture in crawl space
Vicinity of Ridge WAter Court in Holly Springs
Efflorescence on foundation wall in crawl space. Need to identify the source and repair as needed. Thanks
Vicinity of Ridge WAter Court in Holly Springs
Efflorescence on foundation wall in crawl space. Need to identify the source and repair as needed. Thanks
Vicinity of Farm Lake Dr in Holly Springs
We have a moisture problem in our crawlspace and would like to get an estimate on a vapor barrier.
Vicinity of Wescott Ridge Drive in Holly Springs
Evaluate condition of existing vapor barrier and insulation in crawl space.
Vicinity of Crossway in Holly Springs
Need an esitmate to repair foundation
Vicinity of Hornholly Way in Holly Springs
On weekends please call, during weekdays please email. Our house had standing water under it that we have tried to get rid of. I believe we need a sump pump installed, but would like someone to come out and take a look at it and give me a quote. Do you come out on Weekends for quotes?
Vicinity of Lumina Place in Holly Springs
We are looking to purchase a home in Sunset Ridge, Holly Springs. Home is almost 3 years old and has a crawl space. Hardwoods above have cupping problem. Would like an inspection and estimate for crawl space .
Vicinity of Olive Hill Dr in Holly Springs
We're selling our house and the inspector found moisture and mold (most likely due to the HVAC ductwork sweating) we're having someone come remediate the mold. If the new buyers ask for some sort of humidity control I wanted a quote for doing the CleanSpace on a 1600 sq foot home. The new house we're building has a basement so I may also have questions about a Dehumidifier. Thanks.

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